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Children of a Lesser God: Introduction and Article Index

This is a growing series of articles on Children of a Lesser God: Dominionism and Christian Nationalism Heresies Exposed. I will continue to expand both the depth and number of articles over-time as research into this heresy is ongoing and extensive.

For over 35 years I have been tackling the ugly issues of spiritual and sexual abuse in the Christian Church often head-on, and began to see patterns emerge. Abuse was often fed and driven by three strains of false teaching that are often intertwined. The most troubling were Shepherding (it is regrowing today in new form), The Heresy of Prosperity (that has an Evangelical version) and the Dominionism & Christian Nationalism Heresy. Although spiritual abuse and narcissistic church leaders are nothing new (search Elmer Gantry) all three of these heretical movements flooded into Protestantism in the same Baby Boomer era and share similar roots. Many of these movements have brought in damaging habits and sentiments along with them, and some not being fully exposed have been normalized quietly into modern Evangelical identity. Many of these “movements” are driven by a subtle shared form of legalism, and where legalism is present you will almost always see misogyny and abuse against women (see John 8:1-11) and other vulnerable people. When abuse becomes institutionalized, false teaching of some kind is certainly afoot.

Here we will closely tie historical events and theology, world events and people who inspired them, as a result we have found fascinating historical discoveries and theological links, some possibly for the first time. Some notable revelations are the geographic ties of the 1920’s KKK to racism and GOP voting patterns today in Southern California, the Midwest, and the enormous but quiet influence that Rev. Sun Myung Moon has on wider Evangelicalism. Additionally, although Dominionism/Christian Nationalism was first refuted in the late 1940’s (the first pastor ex-communicated was in 1948), I believe my list of theological errors is the first to bring all these refutations together in one place, and clearly demonstrate the entire complex chain of lies and heretical beliefs that link and quietly support each other. In many ways we have a front-row seat to Church history being written, so check back often as I will add to existing articles and create new ones from my research. I hope this effort blesses your walk in Christ and increases the fruitfulness of your lives and ministry. May all Glory be Christ’s alone.

The Theology of Dominionism and Christian Nationalism Heresy Exposed:

Part 1: Introduction and A Short History of Dominionism and Christian Nationalism (A longer more detailed history is below)

Part 2: Core Dominionist And Christian Nationalism Beliefs Today & The Myth of the Sanctity of America

Part 3: The Myth of the Sanctity of America, Continued

Part 4: Fighting an Epic Battle of Good and Evil:  The Heresy of Manicheanism

Part 5: Creating an Enemy: The Heresy of Dualism

Part 6: Judeo-Christian Values:  The Heresy of a Very Moral Legalism

Part 7: Blasphemy

Part 8: Summary and Conclusion: The Protestant Neo-Catholic Deformation

Coming Soon >>> Part 9: What the Tower of Babel Teaches us About Government, God’s ordained diversity, and Culture

Coming Soon: >>> Part 10: How Pastor Roger William’s Theology of Separation of Church and State Changed The Church and the World

The History of American Theocracy, Dominionism and Christian Nationalism:

Part 11: Protestant Theocracy in Early American History

Newly Expanded >>> Part 12: The Klu Klux Klan and its Influence on the Christian Right, Evangelicalism and Christian Nationalism Today

Part 13: The New Deal to the Cold War, and beginnings of the “Old” Religious Right

Coming Soon: Franklin Hall, Oral Roberts, RJ Rushdoony and The Family, stay tuned… And also I hope to write about Pastor Roger Williams, but his books once standards, have been out of print and are difficult to locate in their entirety.

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