Evangelical Errors and Heresy

Once much closer to the biblical idea of a “plumbline” faith, hundreds of false teaching, errors and even heresy have quietly and unchallenged slipped into Evangelical thought and practice today over the last 40 years.  At the current rate of change and increasing degree of differences, its probably the Evangelicalism has already abandoned traditional Protestantism and constitutes its own “movement” or branch of Christianity.  Many of the beliefs held by Evangelicals today are not biblical, and many are contrary to sound biblical doctrine, but in most cases this is not even noticed, discussed or challenged.  Today the “Evangelical” church in the US stands on the precipice of radical change… and its change for the worse not for the better because in many ways its a reversion to errant Catholic ideals long exposed as false.  Name an error of Catholicism and I can find its contemporary in Evangelicalism, just with better wrapping.



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