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It IS Finished!

Some of the most powerful Bible sayings are the simple ones. I could do an entire series on just a few words: “I am…” found in John 8:59, “Jesus wept” in John 11:35, and “it is finished” in John 19:30. In just 6 words we can capture the entire message of the Gospel of hope. But it is John 19:30 that remains the most mysterious and maybe the most under taught lesson in scripture. What did Jesus finish? God finished EVERYTHING he set out do beginning in Genesis 1:1 and

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God Alone

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good–except God alone.” Luke 18:1 As children our small minds continually divide the world up into simple “good” and “bad”. If you were like me ice cream was always good, and vegetables like lima beans and broccoli are most often categorized as “bad”. We continue this trend however with people, and often by Jr. High we may have become cliquish and in frequent conflict and drama. The Jews of Jesus age utterly childish in many specific areas but their

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Watch Out for the Yeast of… Herod!

We read the same verse a dozen times and miss it, then something just pops out like fireworks. This happened to me reading Mark 8:15 when going through the well-worn “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod” and the word “Herod” became its own intrigue.  We know a lot about the Pharisees, much about the Sadducees but know far less about Herod and his party, the Herodians.  But we see the hand of the Herods’ peak through the Gospels at certain points.   To understand why

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