It IS Finished!

Some of the most powerful Bible sayings are the simple ones. I could do an entire series on just a few words: “I am…” found in John 8:59, “Jesus wept” in John 11:35, and “it is finished” in John 19:30. In just 6 words we can capture the entire message of the Gospel of hope. But it is John 19:30 that remains the most mysterious and maybe the most under taught lesson in scripture. What did Jesus finish? God finished EVERYTHING he set out do beginning in Genesis 1:1 and Jesus in many ways was the final fulfillment of God’s creation. Frankly we could spend our entire lives trying to understand everything that Christ accomplished and fail, but it would be a wonderful failure. We will never know or understand on this earth all that Christ accomplished on the Cross for us.

It is finished: I have fulfilled every prophesy, and more importantly, I fulfilled every hope of God that offered them.

It is finished: I have taken into my body every sin, that would ever be committed… and that sin and its spiritual consequences dies with me.

It is finished: There is nothing left for us to do for your separation from God, he did it ALL.

It is finished: The Jews and Romans had just cruelly executed the very Son of God, and yet judgment didn’t come upon the earth immediately in fire or water. God withholds all judgment for the entire earth until the end even through the death of his son. Christ buys the entire planet time to repent, time to minister, time to build a loving relationship with God through faith.

It is finished: Justice, Grace and Mercy are no longer contradictions, only God can bring together seemly incongruous ideals and have them fit perfectly… at the finished work of the Cross. It is finished!

Although its less common to hear today, my entire Evangelical experience was hedged by the false belief that “when we sin, we crucify Christ all over again” and living under the ensuing guilt that brings. The idea that Jesus lives in perpetual crucifixion and misery is a very strange and even creepy Protestant idea when you think about it. Its utterly false and even heretical. It opens the door to me having to step in an fix what Christ seems incapable of, it opens the door to enormous amounts of terrible and oppressive legalism. John 19:30 refutes this idea completely and beautifully in only 2 simple words. Dear friends, it IS finished and in that we can take great joy and find peace.

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