Children of a Lesser God: Dominionism and Christian Nationalism Heresy Exposed, Part 8

Summary & Conclusion: The Protestant Neo-Catholic Deformation

(This part of a growing series: Children of a Lesser God– Dominionism and Christian Nationalism Heresy Exposed )

Let’s Recap This Mess

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

John 8:44

Here is how the beliefs and core tenants of Dominionism and Christian Nationalism measure up, one-by-one:

  • Our Founding Fathers were devout Christians:   Lie; they varied mostly between outright atrocious heresy and indifference.
  • The Constitution is entirely based on the Bible:  Lie; Its based on Greek (pagan) and English political philosophers (most of whom were not Christian), English Common Law and the mistakes of European monarchs and wars.
  • America is a Christian Nation: Lie, Heretical; Creates a righteousness apart from Christ and a weak and slow God, and denies the biblical role of the church
  • America was Founded on Judeo-Christian Principles: Lie; Biblically there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian principles, and denies that Christ changed everything at the Cross.
  • America is in Moral Decline: Lie; Heretical; Pelagian; Its contrary to scripture and denies the doctrine of original sin 
  • We are Fighting an Epic Battle of Good and Evil:  Heresy, Manicheanism; This elevates the importance of man, diminishes God who is dependent on us, and denies the victory of Christ at the Cross.
  • Upholding Judeo-Christian (Moral) Values:  Heresy; Legalism, Pharisaical broad-based legalism.
  • Failure to specifically define non-biblical tenants such as Liberals and Judeo-Christian values: Heretical; Gnosticism; Secret knowledge.
  • Liberals (in all their forms) Are Our Enemy:  Heresy; Dualism; in elevating any human enemy as a threat to Christ or the Church, we diminish the Sovereignty, power, purpose and character of God.
  • Trump (insert candidate here) is now the King of Isreal and Chosen One: Blasphemy
  • Result:  We’ve just taken what should be our mission field, and turned it into a battlefield. People are leaving the Church and Christianity in numbers never seen in US history, so much that Christianity may be a minority religion in the US in less than 60 years. See more here.

Now, I haven’t actually got into the CRAZIEST and most Abhorrent beliefs held by some Dominionists, some are really shocking.  But we will save that level of crazy for another time as each Dominionist group has its own unique set, and some are very shocking.

Dominionism and Christian Nationalism very subtly mixes some old classic heresies, and one we haven’t seen in centuries: High levels of Manicheanism and Dualism, a lot of good old fashioned Legalism with some Pelagianism mixed in, with a touch of Gnosticism as a garnish. Bake in pan of hate and fear for 60 years, and voila! You have a Church that is utter decline, completely off mission, and on a path to create a cycle of Atheism that may endure for centuries and distorting the character of Christ for Millions of people. And maybe who knows, if enough people eat this batch we will have another Dark Age because that was so fun the last time!

The worst thing about Christian Nationalists and Dominionists, is they simply don’t like the true Jesus. They see him as weak, and would rather have a “church” without him.

Tying This All Together

In ‘Christendom’ the situation is a different one. What we have before us is not Christianity but a prodigious illusion, and the people are not pagans but live in the blissful conceit that they are Christians. So if in this situation Christianity is to be introduced, first of all the illusion must be disposed of.”

Soren Kierkegaard, Attack on Christendom

As I shared previously elevating (or condemning their opposite) of any idea, concept or person that is not mentioned and supported explicitly in Scripture is both idolatry and legalism. When we do this for a group of people its also Dualism, when we view that group as an enemy, its Manicheanism. At its base foundational level, all varieties Dominionism and Christian Nationalism distort the character of God and diminish the work of Christ at the Cross.   It’s an attempt to paint God as some teetering Grand-father who is well meaning, but off his game, and we have to step in fix it.  Dominionists and Christian Nationalists are simply Children of a Lesser God.

If you’re paying close attention you can see how these foundational beliefs all tie together.  Dominionists and Christian Nationalists are all driven by the idea of influence, power and control, even over God himself…  and many extreme groups are openly and deliberately trying force Christ’s return.  Fighting a “Battle” is a great political motivator to rile the crowds up, and keep the hat moving and the money coming in, and get people to join. Who doesn’t line up to join the Army when your under attack? To have a Battle though we have to have a worthy enemy.  To create an enemy, we fabricate this false narrative the USA was founded on Christian principles by Godly and Holy Men, who were all Pastors and Prophet.  A nation so Godly and exalted on its own, that it’s the first Christian nation in all of human history, and so Godly, we achieved this without Jesus.  But that is all being taken away and stolen! … the Leftists, Liberals and Progressives and the Demon-crats who are really Marxists and Socialists in disguise. are bringing in their secular humanism, and destroying us! Their goal is to kill all Christians and Pastors!  At the very least, we will lose Gods’ blessing if we let this stand! We must fight! God needs me to take back America from the Socialists!  Every hand is needed!  I am important!

Interestingly this isn’t the first time we have seen this, about 1100 years ago the Catholic Church latched onto similar ideals and rallied for an earthy religious kingdom called Christendom (Christ + Kingdom).  For the next centuries or so they piled on successive heresies to justify the first, so that even by the 1100 AD Christianity had little resemblance to the early Church…. And then continued to go downhill from there.  Jesus became an after-thought and made for some nice art. The Bishops and Kings were in control, to steer us sheep into a moral (or profitable) submission for our own (their) good. 

History has Proven since the Tower of Babel that Religious Humanism is Vastly More Dangerous than Secular Humanism.

Name an error of Catholicism and I can find a even worse version in Protestantism today.  The Catholics sold Indulgences; we easily sell the blessings of God in the Heresy of Prosperity or Compulsory Tithing, at least Indulgences were less selfish.  The Catholics have one Pope and hundreds of saints who are above human reproach, the Protestants have hundreds of celebrity Pastors, we tirelessly defend even when they are caught in terrible sin.  The Catholics required a priest to get access to God, the Protestants are even worse, we require submission to Pastor or Apostle, or a paying a tithe, or church membership to receive blessings or protection from God.  We once criticize the many Catholic Sacraments that are not Biblical, and yet in only a few years we have in defending the “sanctity of marriage”) are returning marriage as a de facto Sacrament.  For the record the founders of Protestantism all looked at the question, and all of them determined marriage was not biblically sacred.  We are quickly elevating both Church Membership and Church Discipline to that exalted level, in many churches they are de facto Sacraments today.  Protestant Mega-Churches today are becoming the new Cathedral’s, cheaper to build edifices to a man’s glory and our own Towers of Babel, just with less art.  But hey! we have fog machines, sound boards, light and lazer effects, multi-casting and big screen TVs, and those are so cool. 

All these are driven in large part by Dominionism and our desire for earthly kingdom, celebrity and power.  We justify our sins just like the Catholics did for the “greater” moral good of society.  At least for the Catholics it took 600 years to really destroy the early church, for Protestants at this rate its only taking 60.  500 years later in Europe people are still bitter about the damaging effect Catholicism brought during the Dark Ages, its one reason many Europeans see Martin Luther as the 3rd most important figure in all of history, because he not only freed Protestants, he freed all of Europe from Catholic theocratic abuses and hegemony.   In the end we can be sure like the failures of Catholicism, the legacy of Protestantism decline will also leave a legacy of Atheism in its damaging wake that endures for centuries. 

The Protestant Neo-Catholic Deformation has not only begun, we have with  Dominionism and Christian Nationalism crossed half-way mark… and almost no one has even noticed. Many Evangelicals have already chosen to become the Children of a Lesser God.

If you want to read more about the theological collapse of Evangelicalism, the Internet Monk first predicted this in 2009.

NEXT>>>: Part 11: Protestant Theocracy in Early American History

Note: The astute among will realize that I am skipping Parts 9 and 10, this is intentional, as they are not yet written. But I will update this when I do.

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